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Candle Top Moss Agate Crystal Skull

Candle Top Moss Agate Crystal Skull

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Irish Moss Agate Crystal Skull

1227 grams!!!

Introducing our 5-inch Candle-top Irish Moss Agate Crystal Skull. A must-have for every smoke shop!

Add a candle for a breathtaking fusion of natural wonder and metaphysical allure. Crafted with meticulous care, this crystal skull stands as a testament to the mesmerizing Skull, making it an extraordinary addition to your collection placed alongside a cannabis pipe.

Measuring at a substantial 5 inches in height, this crystal skull showcases the captivating patterns and colors unique to Irish Moss Agate. Its intricate moss-like inclusions, resembling lush green gardens, lend an air of mystery and tranquility to this exquisite piece .

You can choose from small, medium, or large variants of the Crystal Skull Wholesale Package according to your unique needs.

Irish Moss Agate is believed to possess grounding properties, fostering a deep connection with nature and the earth's energies. As you behold this magnificent crystal skull, you'll feel its calming and balancing influence, making it an ideal companion for meditation, spiritual practice, or as an exquisite decor piece.

Go in style with any of our skull accessory bundles!! 

Our extraordinary Complete Wellness Package. …This wholesale bundle encompasses a stunning array of treasures, including the mesmerizing Irish Moss Agate Crystal Skull, premium CBD oil tincture, Hippie gifts, Quartz jewelry and high-quality hemp products, among other delightful surprises. With a selection to suit every preference. This holistic ensemble provides the ultimate fusion of relaxation, spiritual enrichment, and wellness, promising an enchanting journey towards a more balanced and harmonious life. 

In addition to Irish Moss Agate Crystal Skull Wholesale Package , there are also other unique packages available for wholesale purchase. These packages are designed to offer resell value to the buyer, providing an opportunity for entrepreneurs to start their own crystal business. The packages may include a mixture of world-class herbs, random crystals, and sometimes even unexpected items.


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