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9 inch druzy moss agate Crystal skull

9 inch druzy moss agate Crystal skull

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Druzy Moss Agate Crystal skull

Beautiful Skull!!

9 inches!!

19.36 lbs!!

Introducing our exquisite Crystal Skull, a remarkable fusion of artistry and mysticism. Perfect for smoke shops looking for a unique touch, these handcrafted crystal skulls are more than just stunning decorative pieces; these skulls can placed with an elegant cannabis pipe and kind weed pipes in the shop. They are gateways to a world of wonder and energy.

Each crystal skull in our collection is carefully selected for its beauty and metaphysical properties. These skulls Crafted from high-quality crystal offer an unparalleled experience, these skulls radiate an ethereal glow that captivates all who behold them. Their intricate details and polished surfaces make them a striking addition to any space or smoke shop inventory. You can choose from small, medium, or large variants of the Crystal Skull package according to your wholesale needs. These guys are eager to share your marijuana pipe!

Our extraordinary Complete Wellness Package.  A must-have for smoke shops that cater to customers seeking holistic solutions. This bundle encompasses a stunning array of treasures, including the mesmerizing Druzy Moss Agate Crystal Skull, premium CBD oil tincture, Hippie gifts, Quartz jewelry and high-quality hemp products, among other delightful surprises. With a selection to suit every preference. This holistic ensemble provides the ultimate fusion of relaxation, spiritual enrichment, and wellness, promising an enchanting journey towards a more balanced and harmonious life. 

In addition to Druzy Moss Agate Crystal Skull Wholesale Package, there are also other unique packages available for wholesale purchase. These packages are designed to offer resell value to the buyer, providing an opportunity for entrepreneurs to start their own crystal business. The packages may include a mixture of world-class herbs, random crystals, and sometimes even unexpected items.

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